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Mind, Motivation, & Money 2024

Featuring Tim Storey

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About The Event

A 2-day event happening in Atlanta, Georgia, hosted by MyDHLife Events. It’s a gathering of go-getters – entrepreneurs and folks grounded in faith, all coming together to boost their minds, motivation, and money. Get ready for an uplifting experience!

2-Day Event

Join MyDHLife Events in Atlanta for a 2-day journey of inspiration, growth, and empowerment. Elevate your mind, motivation, and money!

Meet the Leaders

Connect with influential leaders at our Atlanta event. Engage in valuable conversations and gain insights for your entrepreneurial and spiritual journey.

Ask Questions

Embrace curiosity at our Atlanta event. Ask freely about business, personal growth, and faith-entrepreneurship intersections. Engage, learn, and transform!

It's Time For You To Elevate Your Mind, Motivation, & Money

It’s your moment to soar to new heights! Right now, it’s time for you to elevate your mind, motivation, and money. Imagine unlocking the full potential within you, gaining the inspiration to chase your dreams, and paving the way for financial success. This event in Atlanta, hosted by MyDHLife Events, is the catalyst for your transformation. Embrace the journey of self-discovery, fuel your motivation, and set your sights on financial prosperity. Let this be the chapter where you break through barriers, where your mindset evolves, and where you take bold steps toward a brighter future. Elevate yourself, believe in your capabilities, and let this experience be the spark that ignites your journey to greatness!

1031 Virginia Ave
Atlanta, GA 30354

April 12th - 13th

Lead Speaker

CEO of MyDHLife, blends his talents and faith to lead this unique online work-from-home platform. With over 30 years of business experience, ordained minister Steve has grown networking teams, generating over $4 million in sales, showcasing his exceptional leadership. Join MyDHLife under Steve's visionary guidance for a journey of professional and spiritual growth, where faith and business flourish together.

Renowned life strategist, speaker, and counselor, known for guiding high-profile individuals through personal recovery and discovery, earning him the title of the Original Comeback Coach. With a remarkable ability to connect with people from all backgrounds, Tim has impacted the lives of entertainment executives, celebrities, business leaders, athletes, and individuals in communities worldwide, including notable figures like Robert Downey Jr., Kanye West, and many more. Whether mentoring one-on-one or addressing audiences of over 20,000, Tim's message resonates universally, bridging gaps and inspiring transformation.

Celebrity Coach
Legal Wellness

Esteemed legal expert, serves as Chief Legal Counsel at MyDHLife, the leading online faith-based work-from-home platform. With international recognition and featured in prestigious publications and networks, she brings unparalleled expertise in business, tax, and intellectual property law. Join MyDHLife under Dr. Lydie's leadership for a world of opportunities guided by her unwavering legal excellence and commitment to integrity.

Dr. Edna Frenchwood is a Entertainer, Entrepreneur and Executive Producer. She is the CEO of ChichiMovies and Founder of Flix Reps Film Festival and Masterclass. Her education in the Legal Field and entertainment has afforded her the privilege to provide PR, sponsorship and endorsement services for her high end clients which includes Kings, Senators, actors, producers, while providing their brand placement in the world market.

Film Maker
Spiritual Speaker

A rising luminary in Prophetic Education, Mentoring, Preaching, and Spiritual Direction, hailing from vibrant Johannesburg, South Africa, his influence transcends borders. As an ordained Prophet, Lovemore’s spiritual insights and guidance shine as beacons of wisdom, making him an emerging voice of inspiration. Founding The Prophetic Gathering Of Prophets, bridging faith and business, he guides individuals to fulfill their spiritual and professional potential, epitomizing his commitment to holistic development. Join Lovemore on a spiritual journey of growth and discovery at MyDHLife, where faith and work align under his insightful guidance.

With dual degrees in Education and Theology, Scott brings three decades of experience as a licensed personal development and mindset coach to his role at MyDHLife. As an Advisor, he emphasizes transforming mindsets to unlock possibilities, guiding individuals to reshape their actions and habits for superior results. With a passion for personal growth, Scott empowers individuals on their faith-based work-from-home journey through his transformative mindset training program, "The Process To Be."

Mindset Coach

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Where Faith and Business Meet

Enter Atlanta’s dynamic intersection of faith and business! It’s the ideal space for passionate individuals, blending spirituality with entrepreneurship. Engage in discussions, share values, and join a supportive community. Here, faith is a driving force behind business. Celebrate the harmonious blend, where beliefs fuel your professional journey. Join us at this transformative event, where faith and business coexist, opening doors to new possibilities and connections.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

Get ready to propel MyDHLife, or any business, to new heights at our transformative Atlanta event. Whether steering MyDHLife or another venture, gained insights and strategies unlock the path to unprecedented success. Envision transformative sessions, innovative ideas, and a supportive community attuned to business growth. Together, let’s chart a course, break through barriers, and elevate your business to dream-worthy destinations. The journey to the next level starts here – seize the opportunity to redefine possibilities for MyDHLife or any business you’re passionate about!

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