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About The Event

A 2-day event happening in Atlanta, Georgia, hosted by MyDHLife Events. It’s a gathering of go-getters – entrepreneurs and folks grounded in faith, all coming together to boost their minds, motivation, and money. Get ready for an uplifting experience!

2-Day Event

Join MyDHLife Events in Atlanta for a 3-day journey of inspiration, growth, and empowerment. Elevate your mind, motivation, and money!

Meet the Leaders

Connect with influential leaders at our Atlanta event. Engage in valuable conversations and gain insights for your entrepreneurial and spiritual journey.

Ask Questions

Embrace curiosity at our Atlanta event. Ask freely about business, personal growth, and faith-entrepreneurship intersections. Engage, learn, and transform!

1031 Virginia Ave
Atlanta, GA 30354

April 12th - 13th

Our Sponsors

Without our sponsors we will not be able to put forth the coming event, a huge thank you to our sponsors

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